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Hero Clix Galactus Tournament/PS2 Smackdown Tournament

I don't know if any of you fine folks are from my area, but my name is Mike Mars. I just opened a small record and comic book store in South Grafton, MA, named Dynamo's. We are still very small but we grow everyday, if you live in the area, please drop in on us. Every weekend we have cool events.

This Saturday the 18th Dynamo’s (158 Main Street South Grafton, MA 01560) will be having its first annual CAN YOU BEAT GALACTUS? HERO CLIX TOURNAMENT. (It totally kicks ass and you people should succomb to the power of Galactus biatch)
This is a sealed deck tournament and there is limited space. Call for details. (508)839-6537

Then at 6:00pm that night there will be a PS2 WWE Smackdown Here Comes the Pain Tournament. There were so many grudges and issues built from the last time we could not wait a whole month for the next tournament. $3.00 entry fee (House rules are you can only play a character that’s already in the game or a CAW that we here at Dynamo’s made)

And don’t forget about our Xbox Halo Tournament on Saturday the 25th. Play from noon until you’re dead for $3.00.

To make matters even bigger we'll be having a big CD sale to coincide with these two events, with two ways to save. First off we have the BUY 1 (new or used) CD GET, GET ONE AT HALF PRICE or BUY 2 (new or used) GET 1 FREE (lowest priced one is the free one) So come on down this Saturday
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