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Arthur and Camelot

I was watching, on the history channel the program "Arthur Myth or History" probbly inspired by the new movie. So I thought I would give my rather uninformed, unimportant believes. For one thing what people seem to overlook, at least they did on the TV show I saw, was the fall of Camelot was not brought about by insest, or polatics, or any of the other things they stated. It was brought about when Authur turned his back on the Goddess in favor of the Christian God. Once that happened everything went bad. The reason Merlin was taken from Arthur was because he was THE MERLIN a Hig Priest of the Goddess and he could no longer serve one who had turned his back on the Goddess. If Merlin had been there he would have been things would have been differant. With his knowladge of the future he could have fullfilled his destiny, which Athur changed when he turned his back on the Goddess, save Camelot! The show stated that while there may have been a Merlin he was obviously not a wizard and while there may have been an Athur they could find no realaible records. Of course not! When the Fae left this world to take refuge on the mist hidden Avalon they erresed all memories of anything to do with them. ALl that was left were the men who wrote what they thought was fiction, but was in reality the Goddess reaching out to her children.
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